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Black Lives Matter in Multicultural Communities

2020/06/12 (Friday)

Photo by Clay Banks

In recent weeks, since the tragic killing of George Floyd, we have seen people from all over the globe, representing every ethnicity, come together in protest against the systemic police brutalization and killing of Black people not only in the U.S., but also here in Canada. The support of the Black Lives Matter movement has increased exponentially over this time with a fervent cry to finally put an end to the culture of silence that enables the violence to continue.

Photo by Koshu Kunii

As thousands gather in VancouverVictoria and other British Columbian cities, the message of Black leaders, educators, intellectuals and artists which has gone for decades largely unheard by the masses is now being sought out, listened to and passionately repeated in every community.

Photo by Clay Banks

Arts and cultural organizations of every kind have issued statements and shared resources for the ongoing education which is essential in moving forward to stop the injustice imposed upon Black individuals solely due to their race. The BC Alliance for Arts and Culture has put together a comprehensive list of things to do beyond posting on social media for those who are serious about making a difference in eradicating Anti-Black racism, including a link to help white allies determine what they can (and should not do).

Photo by Logan Weaver

As a multi-cultural radio station, we at Fairchild Radio have the utmost appreciation and respect for the many Black artists, promoters and activists we have worked with over the years and the invaluable contributions they have made to our community. We fully support the Black Lives Matter movement in its initiative to educate the public and eradicate racialized violence toward Black people everywhere as we firmly believe this work benefits all of humanity.

We see that it is crucial at this time to recognize both the privileged and disenfranchised in our communities and break through our conditionings about racism by closely examining deeply held beliefs and standing up for what is right. It is in this spirit that we stand together with all Black people in the ongoing struggle for equal rights and justice for all.

Photo by Mike Von

*Cover photo by Mike Von

**Thumbnail photo by Vince Fleming (flemingphoto.co)