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Fairchild Radio believes that the best way to grow and improve the accessibility of our broadcast and services is to listen to our audience. The purpose of this Accessibility Feedback Form is to collect information from persons with disabilities (such as visually impaired, hearing impaired or mobility challenged) who may be experiencing difficulties related to one of the following areas. Please fill out the form below to provide feedback or to receive accessibility support. You can also email your concern to Fairchild Radio's Accessibility Support Officer and the email addresses are or If contacting us by phone is more convenient to you, please call us at our Accessibility Hotline 604-295-1256.

  • Content Accessibility Example: I can't find closed captions on a video or audio version of a news article
  • Digital Accessibility Example: I can't use my assistive technology on radio's web or app
  • Facilities Accessibility Example: I can't access Fairchild Radio facilities with my wheelchair
  • Others

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Fairchild Radio has a firm policy of not selling, lending or disclosing your personal information. Under all circumstances Fairchild Radio will keep your information confidential and destroy it after use. Click here for Fairchild Radio's Privacy Policy.

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