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據主辦機構加拿大中文電台表示,自 1995 年主辦「寒衣送暖流」活動至今,無論口碑或成績一直非常理想。近年由於經濟不景,籌衣重量亦受到影响,但今年最為明顯,由高峰時期的過百噸,跌至今年的 67.5 噸,跌幅超過三成。

再研究各寒衣收集站的數字,加拿大中文電台在時代坊舉行的兩次「送暖有禮日」在四小時內分別籌得 2,031 磅和 3,196 磅的舊衣,是唯一有大幅增長的收集點,其他商場的收集站甚至救世軍的二手店,收衣成績不及去年的一半。加上自 2010 年開始,救世軍因不能負擔昂貴租金而結束列治文三路的二手店,令最踴躍捐輸的華裔市民大感不便,即使溫哥華 Granville 街的二手店只是一橋之隔,仍有不少居於列市的華人太太因為不想過橋而放棄捐衣。


雖然「寒衣送暖流 2011」經已結束,聽眾有多餘的舊衣和棉被,仍然歡迎捐到加拿大救世軍的二手店或指定收集站。

Winter Warm Wave 逆境寒冬 67.5 噸舊衣更顯難能可貴

In this gloomy and dreadful economy, charities are the ones being hit the hardest.

Winter Warm Wave, Fairchild Radio's annual clothing drive for the Salvation Army, just finished on January 2 and the 6-week campaign has raised a total of 67.5 tons of used clothing items and blankets. Compared to the peak record of the previous years, the weight has dropped a drastic 30%.

On top of a stale economy, the fact that the Salvation Army had to close its only store in Richmond due to high rent has a critical impact on the campaign.   Chinese Canadians are key supporters and donors of the Winter Warm Wave and many of them are residents of Richmond. With the only Richmond location closed, many Chinese donors living in Richmond found it inconvenient to take their donations to another city.

On the brighter side, Fairchild Radio had organized two days of on-location collection at Richmond's Aberdeen Centre and it was a huge success.  In a matter of four hours, 2,301 pounds of clothes were collected on the 1st day and 3,196 pounds were collected on the 2nd day. 

Both Fairchild Radio and the Salvation Army are determined to work harder next year and they invite everyone to continue donating to the homeless and the underprivileged families.