POLL 民意調查

你會支持市選去投票嗎? [已完結]

 你會支持市選去投票嗎? [已完結]

2018 BC 省市選將於 10 月 20 日(星期六)舉行, 市民亦可於指定日期和時間提前投票。市選結果與每位居民息息相關,你會去投票嗎?

Are you going to vote for your ideal candidates in the 2018 Municipal Election which will be held on October 20th?

截止日期 Deadline: October 5, 2018.

1. 市選當天會去票站投票 I will vote on the day of election.


2. 不會投票 (並不關心) No, I won't go (I do not care about it).


3. 不會投票 (太多候選人,不知誰比較好) No, I will not cast a vote ( too many candidates, not sure who is the best).


4. 會提早投票 I will vote in advance.