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恭喜聽眾 Alice Tam 贏 $75 Dine Out 餐券 到 Whiskey Six 吃 BBQ!

2020-01-13 (星期一)

民以食為天,以特色美食作獎品,遊戲豈能不吸引大批擁躉?上星期加拿大中文電台手機 App 的有獎遊戲問大家:「2020 Dine Out Vancouver 的舉行日期是?」結果有 274 位聽眾參加,並全部猜中答案:「1/17 - 2/2」。經抽獎,聽眾 Alice Tam 贏得由 Dine Out Vancouver 送出的 $75 餐券,可到溫哥華 Renfrew 街的 Whiskey Six BBQ 品嚐兩位西式燒烤晚餐。

Congratulations to Alice Tam for winning $75 dining coupon to enjoy Dine Out Vancouver dinner for two at Whiskey Six BBQ.  If you didn't win this time, you are simply saving your chance for our next prize.  Stay tuned to our web and app this Friday for this month's Fairchild Radio Social Media Game. Another Dine Out Vancouver coupon is on its way, and this time, it is for you!

恭喜聽眾 Alice Tam 贏 $75 Dine Out 餐券  到 Whiskey Six 吃 BBQ!

如果你今次未能中獎,請別失望,因為今個星期五加拿大中文電台「社交媒體送大禮」,還會送出 Dine Out Vancouver 餐券。到底是哪一家人氣餐廳?吃的又是哪些特色美食?留意 AM1470FM961,以及本台的網頁和手機 App,答案自有分曉。


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