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Movie 請你看優先場《RACETIME》

2019-01-10 (星期四)

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Date: January 19, 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 10:30pm
Venue: Cineplex International Village

遊戲日期 Game Period: January 10 - 16, 2019.

遊戲熱線 Game Hotline: 604-271-1470 (AM1470) & 604-295-9616 (FM96.1).


RACETIME (aka LA COURSE DES TUQUES): A spectacular sled race is taking place in the village. Representing Franky and his team, Sophie is racing against the dark, pretentious newcomer Zac and his athletic cousin Charlie. The “super sled” designed by Franky falls apart right in the middle of the race. It's a bitter loss, but Franky is convinced that he didn't do anything wrong. With the help of his friends, he succeeds in proving that Zac cheated, so Franky demands a new race. Zac accepts, but on the condition that Franky build a new run in an impossibly short amount of time. When Franky and his friends get the job done, Zac realizes that he is facing a worthy opponent. While the two teams get ready for the big day, Zac has no qualms about cheating again to improve his chances. But Franky and his team have quite a surprise in store for him.

RACETIME in theatres Janurary 25, 2019.

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Movie 請你看優先場《RACETIME》

Movie 請你看優先場《RACETIME》