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Facebook 的 Kitty Xie 贏得聖誕自助餐 但下星期還有大獎要送出!

2018-12-13 (星期四)

再一次證明,我們的聽眾最喜歡吃,佳節當前更希望呼朋喚友分享美味,加拿大中文電台 12 月的「社交媒體送大禮」,共有 925 位來自 Facebook微博微信的聽眾參加,結果由 FacebookKitty Xie 勝出,贏得 Hilton Vancouver Metrotown 酒店送出的 4 位 Christmas Day Brunch Buffet,價值 $280*!

Once again, it proves our listeners love to eat, especially during the holiday season!  A total of 925 listeners from Facebook, Weibo and WeChat entered our December Social Media Game and the winner is Kitty Xie from Facebook. She will be awarded Christmas Day Brunch Buffet for 4 at Hilton Vancouver Metrotown, valued at $280*! If your name has not been called yet, don't be disappointed.  We are giving away another amazing prize next week online and on app. Stay tuned!


Facebook 的 Kitty Xie 贏得聖誕自助餐 但下星期還有大獎要送出!

中獎人還沒叫到你的名字嗎?不打緊,加拿大中文電台的聖誕大禮還沒送完,下星期再有一份豐富大獎要在本網頁和電台的手機 app 送出,你絕對不能錯過!


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