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Simrit in Concert

2016/10/14 (Friday)



Some performers can bring true commitment to age-old meditations, urging everyone from pop stars to club audiences to fall in love with the words of South Asian sages. Some artists have a presence that engages and soothes, an ear that can hear the resonances that bridge continents and souls.

Vocalist and songwriter Simrit, born in Athens, Greece, adopted and raised in the American South, is one of these artists. Drawing on the harmonic beauty of the Greek Orthodox chants she grew up with, adding the pulse and melodic sensibilities of West African traditions she studied intensely, Simrit and her ensemble tease out distinct facets of devotional poetry and the intimate ardors of the spirit on Songs of Resilience (release: September 30, 2016).

Working with an elegant, expressive musical palette--rich cello, exquisite kora, rolling percussion--and with veteran rock and Americana producer Paul Mahern (Willie Nelson, Iggy Pop, Lily & Madeleine, John Mellencamp), Simrit reveals new sides to ancient gems, encouraging listeners to find grounding endurance, hope, and transformation. “Our songs are about the soul, about all its experiences of love, pain, and joy,” says Simrit. “These are all things that people on this planet deal with each and every day.”

Simrit and ensemble will perform at UNITY of VANCOUVER at 5840 Oak Street in Vancouver at 7pm. For tickets visit www.simritkaurmusic.com